Flow – About the Deliciousness of Travel!

„Travel brings us back to ourselves.“ – Albert Camus

Travel, in the best case, is something that not only brings us externally from one place to another , but internally as well. That brings us not only to another place physically but also mentally and spiritually. After all, life itself is often described as a journey! Those who travel are made sure of their position and movements. Who was on the road often returns as somebody else!

Travel as the Key to Your Creativity

There are different ways to travel: the journey in your own mind, the journey within  a room, walks in the neighbourhood, dreaming in a café, walks in nature, city trips, or journeys around the world. And always the most important journey of all – the „expedition to oneself“ – the journey to you.

Miss Flowtravel has been especially inspired by three books: „Slow Travel“ by Dan Kieran, „Free Play“ by Stephen Nachmanovitch, and „Flow: the Psychology of Optimal Experience “ by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Her life motto: Always be a little bubbly (like effervescent powder), be sassy and follow the path of your heart.

„Travel“ slowly, enjoy the flow. Believe in your own creativity. In your ability to develop new ideas, solutions and approaches. Let yourself be guided by your inner voice. Practice scribbling, doodling, writing. Put aside your concerns, find the sacred adventure in you and around yourself.

Miss Flowtravel says: „Allow yourself to do more of what makes you happy. What brings you into the flow? Orient yourself more to self-love. Listen to the voice of your heart. What is it telling you? Throw off more and more „old baggage“. Live full of life, „with mind and body“. Give the creative flow in your life a chance and begin your journey  „towards the sun“ to actively realize your own dreams.“

Who I am…

… Angelika Uliczka I Artist Alchemist I Designer with heart and soul, artist, author, mentor, wisdom teacher I Masters in Visual Communication I Creative guidance: „Mindfulness-Practioner“ I „Embodiment Instructor“ I „Holistic Health Stylist“ I Detector of potential I Sensitive counsellor I Designer of life dreams I Dancer I „Spiritual midwife“ I Early-morning-out-of-bed-jumper I Traveller I Muse I Blogger I Keynote speaker I Honorary freckles and specs wearer I …

What I love…

…most of all pencil, paper, colours, flowers & butterflies I Everything that makes life a little more beautiful I Individual design and lovingly crafted print products I Creative Writing & Travel Writing I Healing powers of dance I Networking and creative exchange with awesome people I My Mac und my PC I Going for walks in the quiet of early morning I Painting and drawing I Writing at midnight I Instagram I The blue sea I And so much more!

My book…

I especially like this  „Travel Impulse“ by Pablo Picasso:

I don’t seek – I find!

Seeking – that is starting from old stores and a desire to find the already known in the new.

Finding – that is the totally new!

The new is also in movement.

All paths are open and what is found is unknown.

It is a sacred adventure.

The uncertainty of such risks can only be undertaken by those

who feel secure in insecurity,

who are guided in uncertainty,

who in darkness surrender to an invisible star,

who let themselves be drawn by their goals and do not let the goal be determined by human limitations and boundaries.

This openness for every new insight on the inside and outside

Is the essence of  humanity:

despite all fear of letting go, experiencing the blessing of being held while opening up for new possibilities.